A flagship product of Greek cuisine, traditional trahana, in 11 different variations. Agrozimi trahana is produced from fine wheat or flour, kneaded with fresh cow’s milk or fresh yogurt, enriched with vegetables and herbs and dried in natural conditions to turn a traditional flavour into a modern culinary delight and an inspiration for a wide range of gastronomic options. Enjoy as a plain hot soup

Agrozimi sweet wheat trahana is made with finely stone-ground durum wheat


For those who love yogurt’s distinctive tanginess. Agrozimi sour wheat

A classic trahana, ideal for chowders and velouté winter soups. Specially selected


A classic handmade trahana, bustling with time-honored flavors. Specially selected durum

A classic trahana, uniquely flavored with fresh yogurt. Specially selected

The taste of tradition revived in a dish. Specially selected soft wheat flour

Can trahana be a gourmet option? In Agrozimi the answer is yes!

For vegans seeking healthy flavor-boosters. Durum wheat flour

All the valuable dietary fiber of a premium wheat combined with the vitamins

In upper-middle class houses of Constantinople (currently Istanbul)


A product that combines the classic trahana with the deep earthy flavor