Wheat, milk and eggs: three valuable ingredients, centuries-long staples in the Mediterranean pantry. In Agrozimi, we carry on the tradition combining semolina flour milled from the heart of durum wheat, fresh pasteurized eggs and fresh pasteurized cow’s milk sourced from strictly controlled farms to create a range of delicious protein-rich products. Made with no added salt and slowly air-dried, they retain their distinct flavour and nutritional value. A top-notch combination for delightfully delicious dishes.

Hilopites” – a word evoking centuries-old memories: aromas of fresh pasta drying on white bed sheets

Delicious, small squares of dough, ideal for cooking in a sauce, adding in a casserole with a

Another high-quality traditional pasta. It’s mainly associated with the Greek populations of the Middle East –the Greeks of Pontus

A Greek flavor captured in an Italian shape. Greek semolina flour milled from the heart of durum wheat is

Traditional and innovative at the same time. A pasta coming from the culinary tradition of Pontian Greeks

According to the history of gastronomy, fusilli pasta was born in Italy and shaped after the windings

A classic all-time-favorite.Agrozimi macaroni, made with premium semolina durum wheat, fresh eggs and milk

One in a long line of Middle Eastern pastas, cooked and served in a measured amount of water.

Classic, yet surprising!Delectable and digestible, Agrozimi orzo pasta features in a host of recipes