Full, sweet flavor with nutty notes, a long finish, earthy aromas of a premium grain, and a rough texture that holds sauce beautifully – an ideal pasta for delicious, easy-to-digest, healthy dishes. Welcome to the world of Agrozimi dinkel/spelt pasta. Dinkel/spelt (triticum spelta), a long-ago ancestor of the wheat currently produced worldwide, is much more easily digested than the common wheat, as the gluten it contains consists of a larger number of water-soluble proteins. Its content of total protein is up to 25% higher than that of common wheat varieties. It is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamins B1 and B2, and beneficial fatty acids. Dinkel/spelt pasta is produced according to a long and slow process that celebrates and makes the most of nature’s unlimited bounty. Excellent-quality dinkel/spelt flour is kneaded with no added salt, shaped through bronze dies in line with leading pasta makers, and slowly air-dried at low temperatures to retain its unmatched flavour and nutritional value. A pasta that meets the modern-day need for health-conscious indulgence..

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