Classic pasta at its best! Pasta made only with semolina flour and water, for fervent pasta lovers. We select semolina flour milled from the heart of durum wheat, shape our pasta in bronze dies, a practice employed by leading pasta makers worldwide, and slowly air-dry it to ensure it retains all its nutrients and wonderful earthy flavour. Our pasta has no added salt and is so full of flavour that you can enjoy it plain. .

A nutty, oven-toasted dough. Let simplicity soothe your taste buds

Our great challenge! We set out to prove that Greece too can produce

Along with our spaghetti, we just had to create the best linguini

Delicate and ethereal, almost magical, perhaps the finest pasta –hence its name.

Pasta made with semolina flour specially milled from the heart of durum wheat

With its archaic shape, plexoudes, meaning braids, from the Greek word pleko,

According to the history of gastronomy, this popular cylinder-shaped pasta was named after