Whole emmer wheat PASTA

For emmer wheat lovers, we have produced an outstanding line of pasta made with premium Greek emmer wheat (triticum dicoccum), a cereal rich in vitamins and trace minerals. It is an excellent source of magnesium that activates metabolism, and a very good source of lysine, one of the building blocks of all proteins, which boosts the immune system and facilitates calcium absorption. It is also rich in low glycemic index carbohydrates. Emmer wheat pasta is made with no added salt, and slowly air-dried at low temperatures to retain its nutritional value. An expertly-crafted pasta made from premium Greek emmer wheat grains, produced in line with Agrozimi’s commitment to quality and innovation.

For healthy-minded pasta lovers.Spaghetti made with top quality Greek emmer wheat flour

Whole emmer wheat flour is kneaded into a shape that revives a centuries-old tradition common in the Mediterranean region

According to the history of gastronomy, fusilli pasta was shaped after the windings of the yarn

The classic macaroni pasta for emmer wheat lovers. Fine quality whole emmer wheat flour