PASTA WITH VEGETABLES, Squid ink & Red hot pepper

A feast of colours for variety-seeking pasta lovers! Top-quality semolina flour from the heart of wheat is kneaded with vegetables and squid ink to create a range of pasta with striking colours and a broad palate. • green from spinach • red from red pepper • pink from beetroot • black from squid ink For spice-devotees, linguini and penne made with hot peppers for unique high-toned, spicy dishes. The pronounced grainy flavour of the cereal is balanced by the freshness of the vegetables, the kick of the hot pepper, the red pepper and the squid ink. Slow natural drying completes the process ensuring a fine-quality pasta for serious gourmet aficionados.

Hilopites –a word evoking centuries-old memories: aromas of fresh pasta drying on white bed sheets at grandma

Tradition gets an edgy upgrade.Agrozimi comes up with cuttlefish ink hilopites, an impressive pasta

Another high-quality, traditional pasta. It is mainly associated with the Greek populations of the Middle East –the Greeks of Pontus

Greek flavors and striking colors captured in an Italian shape.Greek semolina flour milled from the heart of durum

A classic luxury pasta. Τhe time-honored, elegant linguine in strikingly lush black.The finest-quality semolina flour

For connoisseurs!A luxury pasta with a spicy flavor for intense indulgence. Top-quality semolina flour milled from

Earthy and marine flavors. Pasta made with semolina flour specially milled from the heart of durum wheat,

A playful pasta. According to the history of gastronomy, fusilli pasta was born in Italy and shaped after the windings

A zesty revolution. According to the history of gastronomy, this popular cylindershaped pasta was named after the

Delightfully delicious black beads.One in a long line of Middle Eastern pastas, cooked and served in a measured