Delightfully delicious black beads.

One in a long line of Middle Eastern pastas, cooked and served in a measured amount of water. It comes straight out of the Mediterranean courtyards, where women patiently kneaded small lumps of dough and boiled them in water. Agrozimi rediscovers the handcraft tradition of this age-old pasta adding excellent-quality pasteurized cuttlefish ink to produce scrumptious black pearls that transform the simplest meal into a lavish feast. Agrozimi handmade cuttlefish ink pearl pasta is ideal to accompany fish and seafood, gives a strikingly color contrast when paired with strained yogurt, and boosts a salad into an eye-and-palate pleasing meal.

Boiling time: 12 minutes

Ingredients: Durum wheat flour, (spinach, beetroot), red pepper,

pasteurized squid ink (1%).

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.