Hilopites –a word evoking centuries-old memories: aromas of fresh pasta drying on white bed sheets at grandma’s house in midsummer... Perhaps one of the oldest pastas in the Mediterranean basin. We know today that the ancient Greeks kneaded the laganum, a thin round dough sheet made of flour and water, which they dried and cut into strips, similar to their modern version. Agrozimi vegetable hilopites is infused with flavors of spinach, beetroot, and red pepper, as well as cuttlefish ink. Add a splash of extra virgin olive oil, or a knob of fresh butter and freshly ground pepper, and savor the rich flavors of an outstanding pasta.

Boiling time: 8 minutes

Ingredients: Semolina from durum wheat, dehydrated vegetables

(spinach, beetroot), red pepper, pasteurized squid ink (1%).

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.