Earthy and marine flavors. Pasta made with semolina flour specially milled from the heart of durum wheat, and shaped in line with a centuries-old tradition common in the Mediterranean region. Striftaria pasta goes by different names in different regions and countries: in Crete, it is called “sioufichta”; in Chios “herisia”; in Cyprus “smilota”; and in Italy “casarecci”. In the past, thin sheets of dough were rolled and twisted, hence the name striftaria (twists), by hand or with the help of a thin wooden rod, then were left to slowly dry under the hot summer sun.

Today Agrozimi gives a Mediterranean sea flair to a timehonored pasta. Flour made from a premium wheat is mixed with excellent-quality pasteurized cuttlefish ink to create a striftaria pasta that combines the earthy flavor of the grain with the refined aquatic flavor of cuttlefish ink. Put together gourmet pasta salads and playful dishes for the kids, or place a scattering of the delicious black loosely-rolled strips next to high-end seafood.

Boiling time: 10 minutes

Ingredients: Semolina from durum wheat, pasteurized squid ink (1%).

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.