A pasta coming from the culinary tradition of Pontian Greeks, who lived in the Black Sea region, with a shape ideal for delicious dietary dishes and gourmet creations. Makarina pasta falls in between spaghetti and angel hair. In its dinkel/spelt version, it makes for light, easy-to-digest meals, supporting low-carbohydrate diets.Cook it like spaghetti, but don’t be too generous with the sauce as it’s thin and calls for delicate handling. It pairs well with basil or parsley pesto that makes the most of its shape and brings out the flavor of a premium dinkel/spelt wheat. Add a steamy twirl of makarina pasta to meats and poultry and create impressive dishes that never fail to please. Always a winner with kids too.


Boiling time: 7 minutes

Ingredients: Spelt flour.

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.