Pasta made with semolina flour specially milled from the heart of durum wheat shaped in line with a centuries-old tradition common in the Mediterranean region. This handmade pasta goes by different names in different regions and countries: in Crete, it is called “sioufichta”; in Chios “herisia”; in Cyprus “smilota”; and in Italy “casarecci”. In the past, thin sheets of dough were rolled and twisted, hence the name striftaria (twists), by hand or with the help of a thin wooden rod.Today in Agrozimi we carry on the toothsome tradition producing a pasta that holds sauce well and makes an ideal basis for gourmet salads, remaining delicious for hours after serving. Its shape makes it a kids’ favorite –they can eat it without splashing sauce all over themselves.

Boiling time: 10 minutes

Ingredients: Semolina from durum wheat.

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.