With unwavering care for biodiversity, Agrozimi features a range of products from certified organic raw materials. Top-quality organic wheat and semolina sourced from certified farmers who cultivate their fields according to good practices of organic farming give us products that ensure our health and the future of our soil. .



An organic Noah’s ark of flavor. A staple in the pantry of every Mediterranean and Middle Eastern home, bulgur has been a dietary mainstay in the region for centuries.Agrozimi has now come up with organic bulgur made with Greek organic wheat, for those who want to enjoy their favorite bulgur dishes in a host of cooking variations, and in an invariably organic version. Bulgur is cracked and parboiled wheat that provides a highly nutritious, vitamin- and trace mineral-packed food, and an excellent springboard for a wide range of cooking endeavors. An effortless, up-to-the minute solution for quick, delicious and wholesome dishes, Agrozimi organic bulgur can make for a full-fledged meal, accompany meats and fishes, substitute rice for greater flavor intensity, become a refreshing parsley or kale tabbouleh salad, or turn into scrumptious sweet or savory pancakes.

Boiling time: 6 minutes

Ingredients: Organic farming durum wheat boiled, husked, grounded.

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.