For health-conscious pasta lovers!

Delicious organic penne by Agrozimi for those who need to indulge while still staying on the right track. According to the history of gastronomy, this popular cylinder-shaped pasta was named after the writing pens that emerged in the mid-19th century revolutionizing writing. Today, Agrozimi organic penne brings a small culinary revolution. It works well in vegetable or meat dishes with hearty sauces, mac and cheeses, or any casserole calling for a robust pasta to ensure a chewy but fluffy texture. Enjoy with a juicy tomato-and-eggplant sauce or with finely chopped veal. Make indulgent cheese soufflés or pasta salads with yogurt sauces, and turn every bite into a gastronomic delight.

Boiling time: 10 minutes

Ingredients: Organic farming semolina.

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.