Whole emmer wheat flour is kneaded into a shape that revives a centuries-old tradition common in the Mediterranean region.This handmade pasta goes by different names in different regions and countries: in Crete, it’s called “sioufichta”; in Chios “herisia”; in Cyprus “smilota”; and in Italy “casarecci”. In the past, thin sheets of dough were rolled and twisted, hence the name striftaria (twists), by hand or with the help of a thin wooden rod. Today in Agrozimi we carry on the toothsome tradition producing striftaria pasta made with whole emmer wheat flour, and no added salt. It holds sauce well and makes an ideal basis for pasta salads, remaining delicious for hours after serving thanks to its shape.


Ingredients: Whole-grain emmer (farro) flour.

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.