Trahana pie

A classic Epirus trahana pie. A recipe that makes the best of all the livestock products

every Greek household should keep in store: milk, eggs, cheese and butter.

4 medium-sized eggs or 3 large ones

300 g crumbled feta cheese

4 tablespoons olive oil

salt, pepper

butter, for brushing the baking dish

fresh oregano sprigs


Put the trahana into a bowl. Add boiling water. Mix and set aside for about 10΄ while

preparing the rest of the ingredients. Put the crumbled feta cheese, the milk and 3 beaten

eggs (or 2, if large) into a buttered 40-by-28-cm baking dish. Blend together thoroughly,

add the trahana with the water, salt, freshly ground pepper and stir again. Whisk the

remaining egg with the olive oil and pour over the mixture in the baking dish. Bake in a

preheated oven at 200o C for 25΄ until golden on top. Take out of the oven and allow to

cool for half an hour. Cut into squares, garnish with fresh oregano and serve.

tips: The success of this straightforward and delicious recipe depends on the delicate

balance of its ingredients. Rigorously measure the quantities, as exact amounts are vital,

and bake at the right temperature.