Organic, healthy and playful.

With their archaic shape, plexoudes, meaning braids, from the Greek word pleko, for knit,” is a product that’s sure to turn you into chefs. We wear our hair in braids, people all over the world used garlic braids to ward off the “evil eye,” and knead braided bread on various religious or social occasions. The organic version of plexoudes pasta is made with certified organic semolina flour. Small, straightforward and scrumptious. Fit for pasta salads, as it retains its shape and freshness for hours, ideal for cooking in red sauces and accompanying meats, and a winner with kids (and parents) they can eat it without splashing sauce all over themselves.

Boiling time: 11 minutes

Ingredients: Organic farming semolina.

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.