• Tradition and the future

We pay tribute to time-honoured pasta making practices, while looking to

the future. Our range features traditional pastas alongside products that meet

present-day nutritional needs. Recent and successful additions to our product

lines include pasta made from dinkel flour, corn flour, as well as Greek emmer

(farro) flour, for those with mild gluten sensitivity.

  • Ongoing research

We never stop experimenting and coming up with new flavours and shapes,

constantly broadening our product range.

  • Recipes

We have put together a collection of recipes based on our products, which

we constantly keep updated, focusing on modern nutritional needs and the

world-renowned Mediterranean diet. Our recipes celebrate the wealth of Greek

culinary heritage while making the best of locally produced ingredients.

  • What we stand for

Our environmentally-friendly packaging expresses our product philosophy,

puts across our views on sustainability and engages with the consumer.

  • Getting together

We provide an array of delightful reasons that will bring you and your loved

ones around the table sharing joy and gratitude.